The history of the Farmax spaders

1973 – 1976

The name Farmax spaders is born

1973 – Van Gemert is looking for a party to continue the production of small spaders, this will be Lutters metaaltechniek BV in Denekamp (The Netherlands).
1973 – The name Farmax spaders Lutters.
1976 -Lutters metaaltechniek in Denekamp takes over the entire spader production from Agrator.
1976 – The Farmax DHP spader is introduced, the predecessor of the Farmax SRP spader.

1983 – 1985

The market asked for a combination

1983 – The Farmax DRP 1 is introduced. The market asked for a combination between an LRP and DHP.
1985 – The Farmax SERP 1 and Farmax ERP 1 are introduced to the market.


The Farmax Rapide type 1 is introduced.

1997 – Van Gemert stops selling Farmax.
1998 – Wasse takes on the responsibility of the sales channel for Farmax.
2002 – The current director Alfons Sleiderink takes over Lutters metaalbewerking B.V.
2005 – There was a market demand for a spader that was built to work heavy soils (such as heavy clay & loam), without losing the spading speed. The Farmax Rapide 1 was created.
2006 – The re-design of the DRP Perfect (type 2) is released.
2007 – The new LRP Profi is introduced, this was previously the LRP.
2008 -Lutters metaalbewerking B.V. was changed to Farmax Metaaltechniek B.V.

2017 – 2019

Redesign of the LRP Profi

2017 – The new Farmax Perfect was introduced at the Agritechnica (Germany), previously the DRP.
2019 – The redesign of the LRP Profi is introduced at the Agritechnica.


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