Farmax decompactors are specially designed to aerate (sports) fields with hard turf or compactions in the subsoil.

There are few rotating parts, which means the Farmax aerators have low maintenance requirements and are highly user friendly. During the aeration process, the roots are cut, which stimulates extra root growth. In addition, it provides the soil with extra oxygen, which improves the turf quality.

Low maintenance, very easy to use

Farmax decompactors use a system of fixed blades. This means there are few moving parts, so Farmax decompactors require little maintenance and are very user-friendly.

65 to
120 HP
Min. Required HP
18 to
Number of blades
40 cm/
Max. working depth
185 to
240 cm
Working width

For every tractor a matching aerator

Farmax produces 2 different types of aerators; the DRP-B and the LRP-B. Our DRP-B is powered with a rotational speed of 540 RPM. The LRP-B is designd for more heavy-duty work. This machine is powered with a rotational speed of 1.000 RPM. Both types are powered by a differential drive train.


Types: DRP-B, LRP-B

Transmission: the transmission gearboxes are fitted with differentials.

Type DRP-B

The Farmax DRP-B is driven at 540 r.p.m.

Type LRP-B

The LRPB is specially designed for heavy-duty work. This machine has a power take-off thrust of 1,000 r.p.m.

Advantages of this aerator

  • Better aeration of deeper soil layers and hard grass sod.
  • Specially designed blades ensure that the soil is shaken off to the sides.
  • Guide blocks prevent the turf being damaged or displaced.

Aerator blades attached with shear bolts


Option: with pressure roller


Guide blocks


Attached in the three-point hitch


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