The Farmax Ringseeder, more effective work with higher quality results. This Ringseeder enables contractors to create an even seedbed with a high capacity.

The Farmax Ringseeder has been developed in consultation with actively involved farm contractors, for this reason Farmax has managed to develop a sowing combination that meets the needs of contractors who perform a lot of sowing work.

Better seedbed

The double ringrolers who are attached to the Farmax Ringseeder spreads the seed via a seedbar over the whole working width. Besides that is the Ringseeder attached to the power harrow via a parallel guidance. Because of this, the power harrow leans on both ringrolers which ensures a greater pressure on these rolers. This means that soil moisture is better retained around the seed.

In addition, the seed is also brought better into contact with the moist soil. The Ringseeder is also equipped with folding side rollers. These side rollers ensure an even seed bed between the work passes, which blends better into each other.

More compact

The Ringseeder is mounted more compactly on the power harrow due to its parallel guidance, which means that the machine hardly drags in the bends during the sowing work. This also has the advantage that the weight is mounted closer to the tractor.

More simple

The experience of farm contractors is that customers can easily work the crop stubble themselves using a cultivator, after which the farm contractor sows the field with the sowing combination. In addition, there is no need to plow or level out the field before using the Ringseeder to create an even seedbed.

Another additional advantage is the way of sowing. The seed falls between the power harrow and the ring rollers, without using a harrow or coulter. As a result, crop residues are not taken along during sowing and the seed pattern is not disturbed.

H- en S series
power harrow
Power harrow type (Kverneland)
32 or
Number of sowing outlets
Power harrow connection
Isobus controlled
Seeding method


  • Very manoeuvrable.
  • Easy operation.
  • Solid, low maintenance design.
  • Saves work passes (plowing/grading).
  • No smearing from crop residues.
  • More compact to the tractor.
  • The folding side rollers provide a smoother seed pattern.
  • The power harrow rests on the rollers, which presses the seed better in the soil.
  • Seed is places in front of the ring rollers.


  • Available with: power harrow.
  • Transmission rollers: chain.
  • Ring diameter: 60 cm/23,62 inch.
  • Tube roller diameter: 45 cm/17,72 inch.
  • Weight: 1350 kg/2976 lbs (basic).
  • Maximum working width: 3 meter/9ft 10inch (other dimensions possible).
  • Length: 1,98 m/6ft 6in.
  • Hight: 1,04 m/3ft 5in.
  • Lights: LED.

The rollers are connected in each other, this prevents the machine from clogging up with soil.


Collapsible side rollers for an even overlap.


Standard with LED lighting.


Close construction on the Kverneland platform.


Direct seeding after simple tillage.

Fa. Jakobs about the Farmax Ringseeder;

Contractor De Weer about the Farmax Ringseeder;


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Customer experiences with our machinery
Contractor De Weer (The Netherlands)
Farmax Ringseeder & Farmax LRP Profi

‘We were looking for a sowing combination with a high success rate of grass seed, especially in drier periods such as spring, but also for a seeder that left a full-field sowing pattern, which had an even connection to the previous working pass and did not drag any crop residues within the seeder. With the Farmax Ringseeder and the power harrow & e-drill from Kverneland, we have found a combination that fits well together in the field.' Read customer portrait