Farmax Deep Spaders

Farmax deep spaders are designed for extra-deep soil working and for breaking and mixing hard layers.

Our deep spaders are often used for preparing asparagus fields, vineyards, orchards and sports fields, and are also used in road construction. Farmax deep spaders are fitted with specially designed blades for perfect soil mixing. The result: an even soil structure to a depth of 120 cm!

Quality and ease of use

Farmax deep spaders meet the highest quality standards. Thanks to their compact construction and low integral weight, these machines can be used in a three-point hitch. Furthermore, the machines can be supplied with a hydraulically adjustable pressure roller.


Download the free magazine of Farmax spaders and seeders

In this magazine, we will explain the spading method of soil preparation and state its advantages in comparison with ploughing. There will also be a brief explanation of all types of spaders and several customers share their experience with our spaders.