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Optimal yield by high-quality tillage machines from Farmax

Farmax Spaders provides a perfectly prepared bed for planting or sowing, essential for maximum crop yield. This fact is the starting point for Farmax’s specialists when they develop high-quality agricultural machinery.


Improve your soil with one of our spading machines

Farmax’s easy-to-use spaders improve the soil structure on any type of land. Farmax spaders require little maintenance and combine multiple operations in a single passage. That saves a lot of time and money!

benefits of spading

Spading machines

For every tractor the right spader

With a wide range of spaders and other soil treatment machinery, Farmax helps you get any soil into top condition and ready for a maximum harvest. It’s with good reason that we say “Farmax delivers quality in your own soil!”

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Customer experiences with our machinery
Roger en Sue Groocock (Bordertown, Australia)
Groocock Soil Improvement

We are great fans of Farmax and its machines. That’s partly because the company listens to its customers wishes and adapts the machine to Australian farming conditions. We are looking forward to new and exciting developments in the future. READ THE CUSTOMER PORTRAIT

Horizon Flowers (Zwaagdijk, The Netherlands)
3x Farmax LRP Profi

Pieter: ‘We spade and mill in a single operation, which allows us to save time and materials. We chose for Farmax because the machine is lighter, it results in a better quality of seed bed and the milling cutter works independently from the spading machine. Read the customer portrait

Heiler Agrarservice, Waghäusel (Germany)
4x Farmax deep spaders

“I can thoroughly recommend these machines to my fellow contractors. For the farmer, they mean a good soil structure and an ideal sowing bed preparation. For the contractor, the easy maintenance and reliability are important.” Read the customer portrait

Martin Merker (North Rhine-Westfalia, Germany)
Farmax Rapide

‘Because Farmax contributed their expertise to the demands I had, we eventually reached a spading machine that fully met my expectations’ Merker says. Merker; ‘So far, I have happily worked with my Farmax spading machine. In wetter circumstances, the soil is easier to prepare using a spading machine compared to a plough.' Read the customer portrait

Contractor Jimmink-Kolhorn (The Netherlands)
Farmax Rapide

Jimmink: "I am personally very impressed by the machine’s quality too. They are now the kind of machine that you can give a quick check before the spading season and then get straight on with the work. They hardly require any maintenance these days." Read the customer portrait  


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In this magazine, we will explain the spading method of soil preparation and state its advantages in comparison with ploughing. There will also be a brief explanation of all types of spaders and several customers share their experience with our spaders.