Farmax Rapide spader

The Farmax Rapide tills heavy sand, clay and even stony soils quickly and without problems. The Rapide is a very heavyweight design and has PE plating to prevent clogging of the machinery.

With an operating span of 3 to 4 metres, the Rapide gives fantastic results, even at high speeds. A really fast spader!

150 to
200 HP
Min. Required HP
PTO speed
300 to
400 cm
Working width
Max. working depth

Comes as standard with numerous options

The Rapide is equipped as standard with a hydraulically adjustable rotary harrow, a packer roller, a ring roller or a rotary cultivator. It is even possible to fit a second hydraulically adjustable roller for even better results on any soil type. Thanks to the many possible combinations, the machine has a high capacity and can reduce fuel consumption by up to 40%.


  • Drivetrain to main axle (rotor): sprocket wheel transmission.
  • Capacity: Up to 2 hectares per hour in optimum conditions.
  • Power take-off revs: 1,000 r.p.m., differential in transmission case.
  • Tractor power: 200 to 300 HP.

Advantages of this spader

  • Very rapid rotavation with retention of quality.
  • Problem-free tillage on heavier soil types.
  • Reduced fuel consumption, thanks to the many possible combinations.
  • Combi-scrapers or a better rotavation result.
  • Many combinations possible at the same time.
  • User-friendly and easy to maintain.

Farmax Roller options

In addition to spading, the essence of correct soil cultivation is also in the choice for which type of finishing treatment is chosen after spading. In order to be able to offer a suitable finishing process for the Farmax users,we offer different types of driven and non-driven rollers to create the most suitable seed or planting bed. The type of soil on which you perform your work is important when choosing an appropriate roller. In addition, you should take into account the type of successive crop that you want to grow. Some plants prefer a slightly coarser or finer seedbed.

It is best to contact your Farmax representative for appropriate advice. Do you have specific technical questions regarding a roller or would you like to have another roller behind your spading machine? Farmax would be glad to think along with you and advise you about the possibilities.

Farmax Rollers


Suitable for heavy soils


Multiple rollers available

Farmax Rapide spitmachine

Spading and sowing in one pass

Farmax Rapide spitmachine

Usable with tracked tractors


Option: Scrapers on the roller


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Customer experiences with our machinery
Contractor Jimmink-Kolhorn (The Netherlands)
Farmax Rapide

Jimmink: "I am personally very impressed by the machine’s quality too. They are now the kind of machine that you can give a quick check before the spading season and then get straight on with the work. They hardly require any maintenance these days." Read the customer portrait  

Martin Merker (North Rhine-Westfalia, Germany)
Farmax Rapide

‘Because Farmax contributed their expertise to the demands I had, we eventually reached a spading machine that fully met my expectations’ Merker says. Merker; ‘So far, I have happily worked with my Farmax spading machine. In wetter circumstances, the soil is easier to prepare using a spading machine compared to a plough.' Read the customer portrait

Klaasse Bos, Lijnden (The Netherlands)
Farmax Rapide

“We are very satisfied with the current Farmax machines and would recommend them to other arable farmers and contractors. That’s because the machines produce a good result and are technically first-rate. What’s more, we find the machine reliable and lowmaintenance compared to other spaders in our area”, says Chris. Read customer portrait

Schepergerdes, Meppen (Germany)
Farmax Rapide

“With this spader, you can do good spading on any type of soil. And as I said, you can produce a good sowing bed in one operation. Furthermore, spading limits soil erosion. The surface layer is much less vulnerable to dust blow-off after spading.” Read the customerportrait