Farmax KRG deep spader

For the really heavy tilling jobs: Farmax KRG. The KRG is Farmax’s strongest spader, specially designed for depths of up to 47.24 inches (120 cm).
Thanks to the special blades the KRG produces an even tilth. The Farmax KRG has operating widths of 98.43” (250 cm) and 110.24”
(280 cm), and is equipped as standard with two adjustable guide shoes for depth.

Multifunctional tyre roller

The KRG is supplied as standard with a roller consisting of four tyres. This tyre roller ensures that the soil is pressed properly after rotavation to restore the groundwater system and ensure that excess rainwater drains away quickly. This prevents the soil drying out.

190 to
240 HP
Min. Required HP
24Spading blades
250 to
280 cm
Working width
120 cm/
Max. working depth

Advantages of this deep spader

  • Tills soil to depth of up to 47.24 inches (120 cm)
  • Special spader blades make for even tilth
  • Low maintenance and very user-friendly
  • Tyre roller ensures consistent rotavation depth and better groundwater management, and makes for easy transport


  • Drive train to main axle (rotor): double sprocket wheel transmission in an oil sump, driven by a heavy-duty transmission case with differential.
  • Capacity: up to 0.3 hectare per hour in optimum conditions
  • Power take-off revs: 1,000 r.p.m.

Farmax Roller options

In addition to spading, the essence of correct soil cultivation is also in the choice for which type of finishing treatment is chosen after spading. In order to be able to offer a suitable finishing process for the Farmax users,we offer different types of driven and non-driven rollers to create the most suitable seed or planting bed. The type of soil on which you perform your work is important when choosing an appropriate roller. In addition, you should take into account the type of successive crop that you want to grow. Some plants prefer a slightly coarser or finer seedbed.

It is best to contact your Farmax representative for appropriate advice. Do you have specific technical questions regarding a roller or would you like to have another roller behind your spading machine? Farmax would be glad to think along with you and advise you about the possibilities.

Farmax Rollers


The tire roller ensures a better water management.

Farmax onderdelen en service

Heavy chain drive.


Specially designed spading blades.


Option: oil cooler.


Deep spading up to 120cm/47.24"


Towed from the lower hitch points


1000 RPM driven drive train


Farmax KRG 280


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Customer experiences with our machinery
Heiler Agrarservice, Waghäusel (Germany)
4x Farmax deep spaders

“I can thoroughly recommend these machines to my fellow contractors. For the farmer, they mean a good soil structure and an ideal sowing bed preparation. For the contractor, the easy maintenance and reliability are important.” Read the customer portrait