Farmax second roller

For some soils, one roller is not enough after spading. For these soil, we offer the option of combining different rollers with each other. Depending on the type of soil, a crumbler roller is often combined with a second roller, so that the coarser clods are reduced and the second roller ensures an ideally fitting seed bed.

Depending on your type of Farmax spading machine, it is therefore possible to combine your crumbler roller with a ring roller, packer roller, kerner roller, cage roller or tire roller. The metal scale makes it easy to adjust the second roll relative to the first roll and spader from the tractor cab.

In addition, scrapers can be chosen to reduce the risk of filling up your second roll. It is best to check whether a scraper is optional on the product page in this brochure for the relevant roller.



  • Transmission: No.
  • Kinds of rollers: Ring roller, Packer roller, Kerner roller, cage roller, rotary tiller & tire roller.
  • Option: Scrapers.
  • Working width: On request.
  • Fitted for: DRP, Perfect II, LRP Profi & Rapide.

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