Customer portrait Contractor Fa. Jakobs

Contractor Jakobs (The Netherlands)

Contractor Fa. Jakobs is located in Geijsteren in Limburg, just between Venray and the German border, and has been active in contract work and arable farming for 60 years. The company operates on a variety of soil types, such as sand, loam and heavy river clay, close to the river ‘The Maas’.

Various activities

From the contracting sector, the company is active in livestock farming, arable farming and tree nurseries. Earthworks is a growing branch of sport, with associated transport and container rental. “These activities make for quite a broad package for us, with a wide range of customers,” says Michiel Jakobs. In addition to the contracting company, Jakobs also has an arable branch with, varying per year, between 120 and 160 hectares of arable farming. On the arable farm, conventional crops are often grown.

Michael; “Naturally, all this work requires a wide range of machinery. For sowing grass and fine-seeded crops, we have therefore opted for a Farmax Ringseeder and Kverneland rotary harrow sowing combination.’


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