Customer portrait Jimmink-Kolhorn, Barsingerhorn (The Netherlands)

A company that started 70 years ago with one threshingn machine has grown into a versatile business that has trusted in the quality of Farmax spaders for nearly 20 years.

A Family Business

Jimmink is a contracting and earthmoving company based in Barsingerhorn (Netherlands). Gerard Jimmink has played an active role in the company since 1990. After his father retired in 1997, followed 3 years later by his brother, Gerard carried on running the company on his own. It is a family business, and Gerard’s son will carry on with it in the future. The company operated from Kolhorn, Netherlands, for 60 years until it was able to build new premises in Barsingerhorn 10 years ago. However, it still retains the name ‘Jimmink Kolhorn’.

Jimmink takes on everything

Jimmink is a company that distinguishes itself by its continuity. With 20 employees, they have had plenty of business over the past 10 years. The company will take
on anything, and can therefore offer a very wide range of services, from drainage to the hay harvest. The company also has its own beet harvesters and bulldozers, and owns
15 tractors and 12 cranes. Its equipment even includes combined harvesters and tracked dumpers. 60 percent of its work consists of earthmoving, road construction and water
management. The other 40 percent consists of contract work for arable and dairy farms.

Farmax not only offers quality,
it alsosaves you fuel and labour

Jimmink is highly satisfied with the Farmax Rapide, which has a 13.12 feet (4 m) working width. On average, it cultivates 1235.5 acres (500 hectares) per year with about 80 customers. Gerard gets many positive reactions on the quality of the spading. He is personally very impressed by the machine’s quality too.” Jimmink also considers it important that he can save on fuel and working hours, thanks to the high capacity. He is not so bothered whether a machine is more expensive, as long as it does a good job and requires little maintenance. This means that Jimmink has found a good partner in Farmax. In his opinion, Farmax spaders are of better quality than those of other manufacturers.

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