Customer portrait Luttermann, Echteler (Lower Saxony)

In the German town of Echteler (Lower Saxony) – near the Dutch border – Geert Lutterman has an arable and broiler farm. In addition, Luttermann co-owns a biogas plant with his neighbour. Lutterman and his employees are enthusiastic about the spading process and are happy to tell us about their practical experiences with the Farmax spading machine.

Three company activities

Lutterman took over his parents’ farm in 1982. At the time, the farm had 45 hectares of leased land, and consisted of veal calves, milk cows and arable land. Over the years, Luttermann’s farm grew to 130 hectares of owned land. In 2012, he built a 580kW biogas plant with his neighbour. In addition to the biogas plant and arable activities, Luttermann also has multiple barns with room for 135,000 broilers. The manure produced by the broilers and the cultivated maize of the combined companies are used for the production of biogas.

By now, Luttermann has spaded 1,000 hectares using the Farmax. This spring, they replaced the spading blades for new ones. If maintenance is required, they carry it out themselves. After all, according to Luttermann; ‘it is a machine that is easy to work on’.

Luttermann does not regret his purchases and would recommend a Farmax spading machine to all of his colleagues.


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