Customer Portrait Martin Merker, Dumte (North Rhine-Westphalia)

In Dumte, near Steinfurt (Germany), the farm of Martin Merker is lies amidst the hills. Martin has used a Farmax Rapide since 2017, specifically adjusted to suit his needs.

It started small

Martin Merker is a farmer who mainly cultivates maize and wheat. His father founded the farm in the 40s with 7 hectares of land. In those days, the company activities consisted of livestock farming and arable farming. In 2008, Martin expanded the farm to 45 hectares. After this acquisition, Merker took the opportunity to expand to 100 hectares of owned land in 2019. Martin Merker is a motivated person who, through hard work and a passion for his profession, managed to grow his company to what it is today.

Moreover, a Cat 4 hook system was applied during manufacturing. In the end, the choice was made for a Kerner roller. This choice was made because of the type of soil Merker has. This roller offers the right amount of pressure, meaning it will not fill up in case of heavy soils.

He also chose for a somewhat overlapping roller, so the soil is 100% evened out. Merker; ‘So far, I have happily worked with my Farmax spading machine. In wetter circumstances, the soil is easier to prepare using a spading machine compared to a plough. Moreover, I am extremely happy I can perform all work in a single operation with a Farmax spading machine.’

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