Farmax develops the future- proof LRP Profi spading machine

In the spring of 2019, there was an increasing demand from the market to develop an LRP Profi that could handle the ever-heavier seeders. With over 50 years of experience in the development and production of spading machines, Farmax managed to excellently respond to this demand.

Another change to the LRP Profi is the way the subsoilers are attached to the spading machine. Before, these tilling legs were attached in a fixed position, which meant the user was unable to select their placement themselves. The new model has adjustable tilling legs. This means the location of the tilling legs on the machine is more flexible.

In addition to the abovementioned items, the LRP mainframe now has a more durable design, increasing the load-bearing capacity of the spading machine.

Door de nieuwe lift kan de spitmachine meer gewicht tillen zonder dat de spitmachine hier onder lijdt.

Thanks to the new lift, the spading machine can lift more weight without issues.

The LRP Profi will be equipped with a new lift. Thanks to the new lifting system, it will be possible to hitch heavier seeders without any negative effects to the construction. In addition, the concept behind this new design is that the user should be able to attach lifting arms of various lengths to the spading machine. Because of this adjustment, the ideal composition between spading machine and the preferred seeder can almost always be achieved.

In addition to the change to subsoiler attachment, the LRP Profis without a powered roller will be equipped with PE shielding. Thanks to the revised shape, more room is available within the spading machine, which means the soil has more time to settle.

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